The next big thing in IT outsourcing is here, Introducing ‘Missive’

The job market for trusted IT companies in Baltimore MD talent has just become a lot more competitive, with platforms such as Upwork and Twago allowing startups to work as though they had a hundred employees yet they hardly fill a 6 seater table.

IT support can be acquired from platforms by inviting qualified help to put their experience into your projects.

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Many clients on Upwork invite freelancers to apply for private job listings, rather than post their projects publicly. When this happens to a freelancer, half the battle is won! These clients are seeking a professional with your skills and already think you fit the bill.

Most of the time, however, you won’t be the only one with an invitation, so how do you turn that job invite into an interview? By convincing them that you are the best one to handle their project, of course!

And how do you do that? We asked our Facebook community for some advice, and this is what they had to share…read more here

Clients are looking for talent, and a lot of them are ready to provide services, which is where Missive comes into play.

Missive is social email with tasks.

Missive is an example of content-based work management — where the tasks are embedded in chats associated with specific email threads or chat contexts — based on a social email foundation. I believe this is one of the few models of work management that will attract a large user base following the decline of web 2.0 era work media tools (like Yammer, Jive, IBM Connections, and so on). Yes, Slack and its work chat direct competitors are getting a great deal of the buzz at present, but email is here to stay, and the emergence of social email — like Missive and its competitors — will be giving email another decade or more of life…read more here


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