The Don’ts and Dos of Email Marketing Campaigns For Nonprofits

Just like other businesses, nonprofits cannot afford to ignore the efficiency of email marketing. Similar to most small businesses, a good number of nonprofits are short on resources, cash, and time. This makes Cause Advertising Toronto the ideal marketing solution. They are an effective and affordable way to not only attract, but also maintain volunteers, donors and create a community.

As an important aspect of online fundraising, it is necessary to optimize email-marketing efforts. Whether you are just starting up or an established nonprofit organization, there is need for a strong email strategy that engages with your supporters.

As much as you might be sending emails to donors, the following advanced tips will definitely take your campaigns to greater heights:

Always use empowering language

When asking for money, use active language that empowers donors to be part of your cause. The choice of words you use is highly important. Here are some examples of word choices that are common in emails accompanied by powerful alternatives:

Right Choice of Words – Wrong Choice of Words  

  • Donate $5 now – Every dollar helps
  • Donors like you make everything possible – We cannot do it without you
  • Be a hero to an individual in need – Please, we urgently need your help
  • No donation is small – Give what you can
  • Make a difference today – Click here to donate
  • Donate now – Make a contribution
  • We highly appreciate your donation – Please give

Use picture of people  

When visually appealing, emails are much better and more captivating. One of the most captivating images are those of people. Such types of images inspire and motivate donors to act. Use pictures of people you help or take action shots of volunteers. If possible, refrain from generic pictures and stock images. Stick with pictures of events and real people.  

Segment your list

Anytime you come up with an email you are proud of, it’s natural to desire to share it with every person on your contact list. You can send some emails to your entire list. However, this is not the best of ideas all the time. By segmenting your list, you’ll break it into smaller, targeted groups such as potential donors, VIP donors, loyal donors, new donors etc.

This way, you will certainly be able to create targeted messages that are tailored for a specific audience. Additionally, the last thing you want is for your donors to get tired of receiving countless emails from your end. Consequently, ensure you dispatch only information that interests them.

Don’t: Request for donations before establishing a relationship

Do: Mail ‘get to know you’ emails prior to asking for money

New donors are very important to the financial future of your nonprofit. However, it does not mean that you bombard them with zillions of donation requests immediately they are on your email list. Similar to any relationship, there must be a ‘get to know you’ time.

To assist you solidly establish a relationship, the following are the top 3 emails you need to send before seeking for an outright donation:

  • A welcome email
  • ‘Did you know’ email
  • An exclusive email offer for the new subscribers

As a nonprofit, the last thing you’d ever want is to have an ineffective email marketing campaign. Its consequences are disastrous. Primarily, you’ll end losing the opportunities of attracting new donors. With the above strategies, you can avoid making mistakes when sending your emails

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