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Education and Communication: The Success Pillars of IT Asset Management

There are countless asset and TraceTM out there, but getting the best product is not the only factor to successful IT asset management. What many fail to overlook, is that business IT assets management is not just related to the tools, but also to the people involved in the process. With multiple departments, employees and managers existing and interacting within the same system, it is crucial to make sure that are properly educated on IT asset management, and has the room to communicate matter effectively within the organization.

Without a clear understanding of the system, or without the freedom to communicate, there can be a lot of redundancies and mistakes, all of which can lower overall business productivity. To know more on the matter, check out this article of Joe the IT Guy:

The Importance of Communication and Education in ITAM

I felt like I needed a bit of a break from ITSM. So I thought, why not write something on a super sexy subject? Then I decided to write about ITAM. Communication and education is often overlooked within the ITAM sector (and ITSM for that matter). There may be a number of reasons for this such as a lack of resources, lack of time, or even a lack of ITAM support within an organization. However the communication and education of ITAM is one of the key factors of a successful ITAM program.

If you think about it, everyone within the organization is a customer of ITAM. The use of a computer, laptop, server or tablet all point towards ITAM. Therefore, every employee is a customer of ITAM. For this reason, communication and education is an extremely important part of a successful ITAM program.


With all aspects of a business, communication is a critical factor towards achieving success. Firstly, communication can be limited to senior members of staff and managers with end-users never being informed of changes, which is obviously not a positive message to send out. That said end-users do not want to be bombarded with irrelevant information about a piece of software or license that they don’t even use. The level of communication should be judged on what the information is, and who would be interested or impacted by the change.

It is vitally important to communicate any changes with an ITAM program or structure to ensure that the ITAM’s program continues to be a success. Any changes to processes, policies or procedures need to be communicated fully with all members of staff to ensure that the changes are understood and followed. It is also important to communicate any changes to the software or software licenses that end-users are using. If they are not told of any changes then they may be unwittingly breaking compliance or copyright laws.

The goal is to ensure that every member of staff knows exactly what is happening within the ITAM program. It keeps end-users updated and informed, which ultimately will help the ITAM program to be successful. It also helps refresh the organizations knowledge of the ITAM program and also helps remind end-users that there is a structure in place.


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An advanced IT asset management system is only effective in the right environment, and that is something every successful business should take into consideration. Which is why, it is important to make sure that your team has the resources and room to use them effectively, only than can you truly find your boost in productivity and the proper use of IT asset management strategies.

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