Charter a Flight and Escape to St. Lucia

Ever wanted to escape into a beautiful, warm caribbean island with mesmerising natural landscapes and a coastal forests? Than pick St. Lucia as your next destination, the tiny country of mere 43km across that lies near the bottom of the Caribbean archipelago. The easiest way to visit St. Lucia is to aircraft maintenance systems Canada, and simply fly off to the natural wonderland.

Noel Hulsman shares her experience and the wonders that lies within the tiny island, which would be your very own adventure the next time you are feeling up for it. Check out her article and discover St. Lucia, which might very well be your next getaway destination:

Escaping to the warmth of St. Lucia

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Sailing towards the Pitons. (Photo: Scott Ward)


Not having been in the Caribbean before, I just assumed that certain things went together. Like, ocean breezes and endless beaches, or lush rainforests with snakes and monkeys. Not so, apparently. In St. Lucia, you have the flora, not the fauna, the gorgeous coastline but not the sandy shoals. It’s a geography thing, having everything to do with the origins of the island and the waters that surround it… but more on that in a minute.

You can be forgiven for being a little vague on the specifics when it comes to St. Lucia. It’s a tiny country, and not tiny compared to Canada, no, it’s miniscule next to P.E.I. or Cape Breton. From tip to tail, it measures scarcely 43km. If they held a marathon here, you’d almost have to start in the water. Though of course, you wouldn’t chart it out as the crow flies.

St. Lucia doesn’t do straight lines. Saskatchewan it is not. Indeed it’s so far from flat that before we arrived we were strongly encouraged to bring Gravol and take it before the plane landed.

Was that because we’d be catching a boat from the airport to our hotel? No, it’s because the roads are like roller coasters, just with more dips and twists… as well as the thrill of cars coming directly at you.

We’re here for a week long-family holiday, with the aim of experiencing three completely different sides of the island: an eco-resort in the forest, a beachside all-inclusive with swim-up bars and a waterslide, and finally, life as the locals live it, at least on the streets and sidewalks in the communities along the coast.

Rodney Bay on the north edge of the island. (Photo: Noel Hulsman)

Rodney Bay on the north edge of the island. (Photo: Noel Hulsman)


St. Lucia is near the bottom of the Caribbean archipelago, between Martinique and Saint Vincent. You can see both neighbours on a clear day, which is essentially every day as it’s staggeringly sunny here year round… and warm, gloriously warm.

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In our busy lives, getaways such as these might seem very farfetched and unlikely, but you never know when you just might feel adventurous. If you do, St. Lucia certain has all the elements to become a memorable trip of a lifetime. With so many jet charter plane options available in Canada, it is only a matter till you can make this trip a reality.

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